About Us

BSS Digital is the longest running established electronic business in the Lydenburg area with the widest range of products & services. BSS is a Family Owned business from the start and has been running this way for 15 years very successfully. All 3 Directors are involved in the business' Physical Work as well as Financial Management Departments.

BSS has been aiming from the beginning to be on top of the game with the Latest Technology and to have the product available to the customer and have decent Product Knowledge. Our aim is to supply the end-user with all the current needs and services and strive to expand the product line every 6 months. Safety & Security is also becoming a growing concern in the Lydenburg area and for that reason BSS has expanded its CCTV knowledge and Access Control and has done some reasonably large projects the past year. In the last few years our expansion included TWO-WAY Radio Communication with repeaters set up in the whole serviced area, aiming specifically at the Mining & Farming Communities for more cost efficient communication and Safety, Large scale CCTV installations, a Rapid expansion in our IT/Computer Department - Stocking most of the standard Computer needs required by one and all.

Our latest, most ambitious project is our WIRELESS INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER project, which is fully owned by us, maintained & Monitored 24/7, using only the latest and greatest products available on the market. We strive to always provide you, the customer, with the best availability & uptime possible.

This tremendous Network has been in development for months,ensuring it is the most stable system available today, even compared to the biggest players on the market!