Wireless Internet


Home Uncapped Internet Packages

512 kbps

R 300 / per month

1 Mbps

R 450 / per month

2 Mbps

R 600 / per month

6 Mbps

R 999 / per month


  • No Throttling, Possible Semi-Shaped.
  • Our intention is not to shape Home Uncapped packages, however shaping can be applied during times of network congestion.
  • No Usage Thresholds
  • Best effort service
  • Will be subject to the shaping of downloads when there is a high demand on the network




Capped Internet Packages

15 GB

R 250 / per month

  • Extra Data - R40/GB

50 GB

R 600 / per month

  • Extra Data - R25/GB

110 GB

R 999 / per month

  • Extra Data - R15/GB


  • No bandwith limiting are enforced on our Capped Services.
  • Total transfer capping based on package.
  • Data speeds and latency may be affected by factors outside of BSS Connect’s control or demand for bandwidth at any given time.

 FREE DATA AVAILABLE WHILE STOCKS LAST - We will try to keep this deal on as long as possible

 Capped Deal
110GB Capped and up :
Free After Hours Data
Midnight - 5AM

* Limited Offer : Offer Valid as long as Bulk Supplier provides BSS Connect with it.
** Please always enquire if it is still available month to month